How would you like to own a great business.  You've got to like people and you've got to like to drive.  I have been building this business for about 12 years now and it has grown to be a monster.  It is demanding and rewarding but you will need to be a Motivated Self Starter, or it will never be right for you.
If You are interested you will need;

1. You will need a license issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  We will help you obtain your license.  If all goes right it takes about two months to get.
2. A bond in the amount of $5000.00 guarantying to the Department of Motor Vehicles, depending on your credit rating the cost is $50.00 to about $100.00 per year.
3. It would be helpful to have a secretary or partner to take and schedule appointments.
4. A respectable and reliable vehicle.
5. Training.  While waiting for your license I will train you, it takes about two weeks to learn the basics and a couple of years of telephone help.  It is a piece of cake with the proper training.
What You Will Need
What will you get from us
1. Training
2. My verification telephone number
3. My verification websites.  The number one vehicle verification websites in the state.  If you are not website savvy I can maintain the websites for you until you get up to speed
4. Good will
5. A contract that I will not compete in your 11 San Francisco counties purchased.  The contract and terms must be written by you and or your attorney and agreed to by the two of us.
What will it cost?
Well it's not going to be free, but will be negotiable.  Once we come to terms on the price, there will be a $250.00 non refundable cash deposit before any real live numbers will be discussed or shown
Looking forward to hearing from the person looking to take this business to the next level, I certainly which I could.
Thank You

David Wondra

ASAP Vehicle Verifiers


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